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Morocco Extends Coronavirus Emergency Decree Until Aug 10



Moroccan Medics Protest Over Conditions, Staff Shortages As Pandemic Surges

Morocco has extended an emergency decree imposed in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The cabinet maintained on Thursday the decree will remain in force until the middle of next month to give local authorities a leeway in taking restrictive measures to allow for restoring lockdowns on a region-by-region basis depending on coronavirus developments.

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Morocco has lifted lockdown in late June in most of the economy allowing cafes, restaurants, sports clubs, and other services and entertainment businesses to resume activity at half capacity. Domestic travel has also resumed, borders are set to reopen on July 14.

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The provinces where infections remain higher such as Marrakech, Tangier and Safi are still on a lockdown.

Morocco has recorded more than 15,000 covid-19 cases, including 242 deaths. Nearly 11,500 patients have recovered.

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EU Imposes Sanctions On Violators Of Libya Weapons Embargo




The European Union has imposed sanctions on three companies for violating the un arms embargo on Libya. Two individuals were also sanctioned for human rights abuses in Libya.

EU foreign ministers have resolved in Brussels that the sanctions should include an asset freeze for the three companies from Turkey, Kazakhstan and Jordan.

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A United Nations report this month accused Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other states of blatantly defying the international arms embargo on Libya.

The country has been torn by violence since long-time ruler col Muammar Gaddafi was deposed in 2011 by NATO-backed forces.

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The UAE backs renegade Gen Khalifa Haftar, while the Turkish government supports his rivals in the government based in Tripoli.

The European Union said in a statement, these new listings show the strategic use of its sanctions regime and ability to react to developments on the ground in support of the political process and to deter past and present perpetrators from further violations.

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S.Africa: At Least 500 Persons In Quarantine After COVID-19 Outbreak




At least 500 pupils in South Africa have been put into quarantine after a coronavirus outbreak at a school in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

A total of 98 pupils tested positive at the secondary school in the town of Burgersdorp. Officials fear the virus may have spread more widely into the community.

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South African authorities say the outbreak started when two students who had tested positive failed to inform the school. Lack of mask wearing and social distancing have been blamed for the spread.

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Libya’s Parties Demand Equal Division Of Oil




Libya's Parties Demand Equal Division Of Oil

The two warring leaders in Libya have put a demand forward as the nation prepares to resume oil production. Concerns have been raised over who supervises its export and how to ensure oil revenue will be divided equally among interested parties.

Commander Khalifa Hafter, whose east-based forces led a failed yearlong siege to take the capital, Tripoli, from the U.N.-backed government announced on Friday that his forces would allow the Libyan oil facilities to start operating again for the first time since January “with conditions that ensure a fair distribution of revenue.

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Officials, politicians and observers considered the move by Hafter a gesture that would overcome the obstacles to a possible comprehensive Libyan consensus.

The deputy prime minister of the Libyan interim government in the east of the country, Dr. Abdisalam al-Badri, said, revenues will be deposited in special bank accounts so that they are not disposed of until after the formation of a unified Libyan government.

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Libya’s highly prized, light crude has long been a factor in its civil war, as rival militias and foreign powers jostle for control of Africa’s largest oil reserves.

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Libya was plunged into chaos when a NATO-backed uprising in 2011 toppled and killed longtime ruler Mohammar Gadhafi. The country has since split between rival east- and west-based administrations, each backed by armed groups and foreign governments.

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